7 Essential Skills – IT Staffing Agency Perspective

job marketAt the time of recruiting, hiring managers typically look for a candidate who would fit the job description adequately. When successful in recruiting a suitable candidate who will fit their pre-determined criteria, they are eager to train them for increased benefit and productivity. The time and effort spent in training will result in mutual benefit for both, the company and the employee.

To churn out the best candidates, several companies provide a detailed job description of the skills they consider indispensible for a specific job to the staffing agency. This makes the agency’s job easier when they try to find a candidate who will be a better fit in the employer’s organization. According to Joyce Russell, president of Adecco Staffing Services U.S., New York ranks at 8th amid the cities where people are more likely to find employment. This is because with new technological start-ups, NYC and New Jersey are thriving with a wide range of jobs to choose from.

There are several essential skills which employers value nowadays. The job market is also changing rapidly with a change in job descriptions. In particular, IT recruitment has never been so difficult in the past. There are many advancements and skill sets required to meet the ever changing and challenging criteria. Due to these requirements, IT staffing agencies are presented with the dilemma to find a suitable candidate.

Certain skills required in a suitable candidate have not changed in years. Knowing about these skills set requirements will give you a better idea of what employers consider as the ideal candidate.

  1. Good communication skills are crucial. They determine a person’s interpersonal relations, teamwork, leadership and management skills. A good communicator will listen to their fellow employees discerning the best way to overcome any communication barriers, whether they are verbal or written.
  2. Another personality trait employers seek in a potential employee is analytic reasoning, which allow them to employ critical thinking and decision making. These characteristics enable the employee to work without continuous supervision and to deal with a problem themselves, if it ever arises. Decision making in crucial situations can sometimes be the difference between a good and an exceptional employee.
  3. Flexibility and prioritizing their work activities will help the employees creatively plan and assert themselves as a responsible person on whom the company can rely on.
  4. A strong work ethic also makes them an ideal candidate. Company confidentiality will not be threatened by an employee who is honest, professional, loyal and dedicated. Their positive attitude will have a good impact on the overall work space environment as well.
  5. Computer knowledge and networking abilities allow the candidate to become familiar with computer hardware and programming. Thus, research becomes easier if the employee has a better understanding of the internet, search engines and SEO.
  6. Time management is crucial in a professional environment. Prioritizing your tasks and streamlining your work processes will help you increase productivity.
  7. Qualities like willingness to improve and learn highlights the person who is eager to hone their skills, keeps their mind sharp and their skills updated with the changing technological trends.

A better understanding of the skills required and valued in the job market, will help you make the right career choice. It will also give you ample time to hone your positive traits, until it is time to contact a recruiting agency and find a job.

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