How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Staffing Agency

agencyWhen looking for a new job, relationships are the most important piece of the puzzle. Good news is that most of the downsides of using a recruitment agency can be enhanced by building a great relationship with the right agency. Irrespective of the company size the success and functionality of the business is  dependent on its human resources. A staffing agency can be helpful when you have a need to hire employees with niche skill sets and different technical and educational experiences. Most recruitment firms have detailed databases and work to provide the right candidate to meet your requirements.


Be concise and clear when dealing with the recruitment agency. Give them a definite job description and other requirements such as the salary and other monetary benefits. The staffing agency should also be well aware of your company’s culture. This will help them match the right candidates with your requirements.


Be honest to your recruitment agency. It is essential to understand that they are with your company for the long haul. Develop a relationship based on trust and honesty. Don’t exaggerate or provide false information to staffing services. This will only make the hiring process difficult.


Two-way communication is important to develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Inform the recruitment agencies about your specifications and demands. Don’t overlook their feedback and suggestions if they provide any. Remember, they have been in the business for a long time and their expertise will indeed prove beneficial. Consider constructive feedback and alter your requirements accordingly.


Providing recruitment firms with a definite pay range for a job will help them narrow down their search and fill the job opening in your company easier. This would help if you don’t have knowledge about the average salary for a new position in your company. A good recruitment agency will provide you with a market comparison so that you can determine what the other companies are offering for a similar position.

Challenging Tasks

Like in other industries, recruitment agencies and headhunters love a challenging task. Providing them with a competitive and specialized task will enhance your value and will help them improve their hiring process.

Office Environment

If you are successful in hiring candidates from the recruitment agency, the next step would be to retain that talent within the company. If the office does not have a friendly and challenging work environment, the employee might quit and you will then have to start the whole recruitment process again. This can cause difficulties between you and the recruitment agency.

By adhering to these guidelines, maintaining a great relationship with your recruitment agency will help you achieve your goals and objectives effectively.

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