IT Recruitment Company Stance – Interview Red Flags

job marketThe job market has changed tremendously in the last few years. However, there are some things that have remained constant throughout. This includes the code of conduct on how to behave in an interview. Being punctual, dressing appropriately and having the required documents with you, is just the tip of the iceberg when you are being critically examined by an interviewer. The crux of the matter remains that an employer will only hire a person they like or approve of. There are several tricks to win over a person who is taking your interview. At the end of it, if you are successful in appealing to their better senses then congratulations, because you have landed the job. In this regard, several job seekers ask the same question repeatedly “What are the qualifications that will get me hired?” Here we have compiled a list of deal-breakers that may disqualify you in an interview and should be avoided at all costs. Have you made these mistakes in the past? Not to worry, give the job market another go with this list.

Looking Unprofessional

You must have heard a million times, dress for the job you want. It clearly holds true in a job interview. You must avoid unprofessional and revealing clothing. Also, avoid wearing too many accessories. Employers nowadays gauge a person’s physical appearance to assess their level of professionalism, and whether they will appeal to the clients they interact with.

Bad Attitude

Headhunters from the IT recruitment industry say that employers do not approve of a person who is disinterested in the job interview. They want someone who can bring a positive attitude to the table. You must seem energetic and genuinely interested in the company. They will rarely hire a person who will clash with the existing corporate setting. If you do not seem enthusiastic enough for a job, the employer will cross you out, to find someone who is more passionate about the job.

Immature Persona

If you think behaving like a teenager will make you seem appealing in the eyes of the employer, you are wrong! Texting or using your cell phone while you are being interviewed are some of the indications that will give a bad impression to your interviewer. Behaving like an adult is the first step to gaining any sort of employment. What you find harmless might just prove to be a red flag in the employer’s eyes. Replace these bad habits with a quick wit, an amicable persona and courteous manners.


It is a harsh reality that people lie on their resumes more often than you think. You should have complete knowledge about the technicality of your field and in-depth understanding of all the projects you have worked on so far. You must also be able to answer situation questions directed at you. Do not confuse your capabilities with experience, as the employer will want to determine your usefulness before hiring you.

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