Mobile Recruiting on the Rise

Mobile recruiting is one of the most discussed recruitment methods as of late. The explosion of cellphone use and smart-phones have created a massive audience of potential job-seekers to address. Recruiting technology vendors and large corporate headhunters are constantly developing new ways to reach out to the mobile user, with the hope of increased engagement and further visibility.

Receiving a job alert on a smart phone is merely one component of mobile recruitment. In one regard, it allows you to “push out” information regarding a new job opening or career fair, but in another regard, it creates a way to “pull in” and engage people that are interested in a product or service. In order to do that, you have to think beyond the simple text campaign or alert like consumer markets do.The International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts that by 2015, more Americans will surf the Internet from their Samsung apps and Iphone apps than from their PCs. This year, Nucleus Research foresees that half of all Internet traffic to career sites will come from mobile devices.If businesses hope to attract the best and brightest talent, they must build their websites for mobile optimization and their HR departments must use multiple avenues to recruit. Mobile experts like Craig Fisher, who is a global consultant with Ajax Workforce Marketing say mobile recruitment apps are here to stay. Fisher spends a lot of his time consulting with employers on how to use social media and mobile apps for recruitment, and he started the first hashtag chat for recruiters on Twitter called #TalentNet. At the March 12, 2014, JobMobile event in Washington, D.C., panelists spoke on these innovations and strategies in mobile recruitment.The benefits of mobile recruiting are speed, convenience and on-the-go access, so job seekers can apply for employment wherever they are, she said. The impediments to optimizing websites for mobile devices are upfront costs, time, shifting the company-culture mindset and adapting to new technologies, the last being a particular sticking point for people in the human resources and recruiting fields. Mobile apps from companies such as Wowzer and HireVue provide a video-screening platform to streamline the hiring process for both candidates and headhunters. Hiring managers are able to send as many prerecorded questions as they like and can see how candidates respond and react on video.
Do you think mobile recruiting apps are a gimmick or here to stay?

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