A Recruiting Agency view of Manual Jobs Outsourced To Machines

Manual jobScience and technology are advancing at a rapid pace. The automation industry has pushed the limits of hardware and software fields, which has made it possible to replace humans with machines for menial jobs. The added benefit of productivity has divided the opinions of people as well.¬†Some industries are replacing human workers with machines as they are more productive and perform well with minimal maintenance. Machines also make no mistakes and do not ask for any leisure time. They are at par with the candidates that company’s recruit.¬†Technology today can perform feats that were considered a dream in the past. According to headhunters in a recruiting agency, an employee with years of training and education can be replaced by a robot today that can be regularly programmed and can work tirelessly.

Software Developers

The advancement in mobile development technology has given a boost to software developers. Their applications are now becoming more varied. Automated drones can now be utilized with necessary programming and constant upgrades and maintenance can now be conducted with ease.

System Analysts

An automated System Analyst will help companies who are looking to transition their data management system on the cloud. A system analyst can help with smooth and uneventful migration of data by creating a cloud based data entry software that can create positive results for the business.

A capitalist economy paired with the easy availability of machines is a dangerous combination. Machines are fast, tireless and low cost. Large industries are saving millions of dollars in this way. The production cost has also decreased and the quantity of production has increased due to the speed and dexterity of the machines. The proponents of machines replacing humans argue that the goal of automation is not to replace humans, but to reduce their workload and fill the gap where their skills are insufficient. However, sophisticated technology and robots that are programmed with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are a threat to the labor. Technology will continue to grow and replace human workers in many fields. Experts estimate that by 2025, machines will replace more jobs than they will create, which can prove dangerous to human beings. To avoid being replaced by machines, job skills like creative thinking and interpersonal skills should be cultivated further.

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