Top IT Recruiting Companies – What Sets Them Apart

IT Staffing AgencyWe know all know how easy it is to assume that all IT staffing agencies provide the same services. You offer them job description on open positions and the recruiting team works to provide you shortlisted candidates for review. However, a lot happens behind the scenes between these 2 touch points. The Staffing industry is a $122 billion market and there are a lot of staffing agencies and by that I mean “a lot”. Have you ever wondered how some agencies are better at what they do than others? Ever wondered what they do differently?

Technical Skills

Lets say you are looking to hire a developer or a software architect with data structures experience. Data structures could mean a lot of things and many different technologies could be used to manage data structures. A knowledgable recruiter will ask you if the database you are using is a SQL based relational database or a NoSQL database. It’s not uncommon for IT Staffing agencies to hire recruiters straight out of college with a non-technical background. Which hiring manager has not had the experience of looking at a resume and going “What?” “How is this candidate a fit for this position?”.

Ask The Right Questions

There is always more to the position than the job description. A good recruiter will make sure to take the time and understand the “must haves” vs. “good to have'” skills. The recruiter should also ask questions about the team size, reporting structure, compensation, location etc. While some of these may seem basic, theses are critical in attracting good talent. This is especially critical when dealing with candidates who are gainfully employed. While compensation my often be an incentive for a candidate to take the leap, other factors like nature of work, benefits and location may be part of a candidates decision.


While Job boards are the primary source of sourcing candidates, a lot of quality candidates who might be gainfully employed might not be on them. The better agencies actively use online networks, social media and their own internal database to reach out to potential candidates across multiple platforms. This does 2 things, increase the visibility of the open position, as well as spread the message without being intrusive.


So how are the recruiters supposed to remember all of this you ask? This is where a company’s process comes in play. For example, at Quintrix we follow a proprietary 5-step hiring process from the moment we receive a notice of open position.

1. Set up a call or email questions to hiring managers

2. Technical recruiter reviews the position and prepares a skill summary

3. The word is spread via job boards, internal database and social media

4. Applicants are screened using the skill summary. On an average we spend 18 mins in screening potential candidates.

5. Only candidates who perform satisfactorily on the screening process are presented to the hiring team

Understand the New Trends

A professional IT recruiting agency will ensure it’s recruiters are kept abreast with latest industry trends. This may be done using mediums like a newsletter or internal training. It is also not uncommon for IT recruiting companies to have groups specializing in different verticals.

Honest Consulting

The good recruiting agencies know the value of a honest relationship with both the client company and the candidates. They will be proactive in communicating important matters or issues even if it works to its disadvantage. This in turn will help them earn their client’s trust. Staffing can get grueling at times but good staffing agencies will hire a relationship manager that are problem solvers and can keep their cool in a tough situation.

Quintrix Solutions is an IT Recruiting and Staffing company based in New Jersey.

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