Trends Impacting Tech Hiring

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The tech industry is an evolving world that headhunters, hiring managers, and job seekers alike need to stay on top of. 2014 is the year of DevOps and Big Data operations . As the amount of internet users increases, large institutions need to meet this high demand. Big data is the solution to this problem because it facilitates the capture, management, and processing of data. In response to this increased demand, companies need to figure out a way to scale their infrastructure. Enter, DevOps, the integration of software development and IT operations, which evolved from this growing demand. SQL has become increasingly more important. This year has shed some light on the use of single-page applications with JavaScript libraries and the importance of hiring quality talent that can interpret and rewrite scripts with a complete understanding of the project, rather than simply manipulating scripts to make the processes work. In the open source world, the UI experience has become increasingly important. Information Technology trends is giving way to new and emerging JavaScript frameworks, stressing the importance of the development of mobile applications. There is a high demand for Open Source and UI talent, but right now there just aren’t enough of them to meet the demand. So what does this tell us? The technical themes of 2014 are big data, large corporations feeling the threat of small and innovative startups, and employees broadening their technical skills. Information Technology jobs are magnificent in the talent acquisition industry. New technologies in recruiting provide a movement towards real change and opportunity – opportunity that Towers Watson says will be an $8.1 billion industry by 2015. The need to grow, update, and invest in new technology for human capital can no longer be ignored, especially since employees are of the expectation that workplace technology should be just as new, shiny, and advanced as consumer technology.

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