When Should a Company Consider Using an IT Staffing Agency?

IT Staffing AgencyStaffing industry is a $122 billion market in the US. Although it’s not alarming, using external agencies for IT recruitment is certainly a more recent phenomenon. Advantages that a staffing agency can provide are tremendous. While some companies may prefer an in-house IT recruitment team, it’s important to note that their reach and expertise may be limited. Technology has the lowest unemployment rate among all industries. What this means is that most resources are gainfully employed. It requires a certain expertise in sourcing and screening candidates that some staffing agencies have mastered, in turn saving time and cost for companies looking to hire. Below are instances when a company should consider using a recruitment firm to assist with hiring, especially in the content of IT staffing agencies.

When Your In-House Recruiters Are Limited On Technical Knowledge

IT staffing can get quite technical. If your in-house recruiters can’t tell the difference between Java and JavaScript or cannot filter an architect from a developer, you know you need help. Keyword searches are only a small part of the process, the right IT staffing agency will have technical recruiters who will filter and screen candidates to a manageable list for hiring teams to review.

When You Need To Ramp Up Your Tech Team Quickly

You have a new large project or a urgent customer need. This is a good problem to have. However if you do not have a sizable in-house IT recruitment team, you may not be able to ramp up your hiring fast enough to meet your needs. Qualified IT staffing agency usually have a large pool of candidates and also a team that can get into action in a matter of days. In addition to the hiring process, Staffing agencies can also assist with background checks and other paperwork as needed.

When You Need Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you may not need to hire resource (s) on a permanent basis. Perhaps you need them for a project or for a temporary time period. Again, qualified IT Staffing agencies are equipped to handle payroll, insurance, immigration and other needs to hire a contact employee so you don’t have to.

When You Need To Control Costs

While its not uncommon for staffing agencies to charge between 20-25% recruitment fees, considering the services they provide, it may actually help companies reduce costs. For example, recruitment firms only get paid, when a candidate is hired as opposed to an in-house recruiter  who needs to be paid a salary and other benefits regardless of whether the hiring needs are met or not. Also, for the hiring manager its a real time saver (think ‘productivity’!) when you only have to interview and screen the short-listed candidates provided to you by the staffing agency as opposed a large pool of applicants. An HR department can certainly benefit from the investment in a quality IT staffing agency.

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